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Clapham Personal Trainer

Clapham Personal Trainer

Submitted by • June 27, 2018

Being a Personal Training in Clapham
I Absolutely Love Being A Personal Trainer, And I Wouldn’t Change One Thing.

I Train Clients Rain And Shine, Summer And Winter, Morning And Night, Every Session Is Unique And Personalized To My Client And I Look Forward To Every Session.

I’ve Trained So Many People Over The Years And Everyone Has A Story To Tell (Some More Juicy Than Others) And It’s Been Amazing I Love Hearing Everyone’s Stories! However Getting Up At 5 am Is Never

Simple And Anyone Who Tells “You Get Used To It” Is Lying!!
Be that as it may, When The Session Starts At 6am You’ve Already Forgotten About The Tiredness (Coffee Certainly Helps!) And When I Start Training My Client, It Becomes All Clear How Much I Really

Love My Employment So Getting To At 5pm Makes It All Worth While.Being A Personal Trainer Has Definitely Made My Life More Colorful As I Witness Clients: Change Shape, Get Married, Fall Pregnant,Change Careers, Overcome Injury Or Fears, Reach Milestones, Get Separ

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