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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Submitted by • July 16, 2019

For the uninitiated, digital marketing is a hodgepodge: many actors and intermediaries, technologies and various media can make this environment unclear. To simplify the reading, we have grouped it into 5 levers, or 5 worlds, which allow to find the logic of offline marketing.
In the offline world, advertisers listen to the needs of consumers through focus groups, quantitative studies or panels, communicate about their brand and acquire their customers by communicating about product or service offerings. via conventional media (press, radio, television, etc.). Finally, they build their customer base by relying on loyalty programs and CRM tools.

The world of branded content is defined, among others, by blogs reminiscent of the world of this brand as well as its corporate website. Notable examples include Schweppes who, via his blog and his corporate website www.schweppes.frbuilds around its brand a universe going beyond its products through several sections: news

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