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Submitted by • August 10, 2018

So talking about the look I’ve created, it’s an ikat print cotton kurti opposite torn jean or ripped jeans accessorized with junk jewellery and dark lipstick. A dark lipstick is my go-to-lipstick as most of the times it does its work perfectly well with minimal accessories. This is one look that I’ve always wanted to try, being a person who has always loved to accessorize (well, in the right amount) I balance my accessories according to the print I wear. Like if it’s a top with heavy prints or details I just prefer wearing a set of long earing so that it doesn’t look over done. If it’s a plain top either wear lot of silver bangles with a silver chain with no earring and bold Kohl liner.

For this look I’m wearing a set of silver bangles with a statement neck piece and my favourite of all, nosepin. The nosepin has always been an obsession and it is the allure of the entire look. I’m wearing the nosepin as a clip-on on my ear also. Since all these gave a bold look I’m not wearing an earr

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