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10 Point Evaluation for a Better Year in 2020

10 Point Evaluation for a Better Year in 2020

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This week on MFTV, I’m going to look at some very basic fundamentals in terms of strengths and weakness. Evaluate yourself on the 10 categories I cover this week.
And good morning, everybody. Mike Ferry Mike Ferry TV, November 11th. Wow, two months left in what’s going to be the end of another decade for all of us. A new decade right around the corner many of you may not have either understood or remembered when we change decades as often as we do, because as we get older, the decades fly by. So here we are headed into 2020. What I like to do usually around this time of year each year is do a little strengths and weaknesses analysis for all of our customers like yourself. And what we want to look at is, you know, what do we do right? What do we need to improve upon so we can have a better year next year than this year? One of the questions that comes up a lot and I hear this, not this time of year. I hear it almost every day. What is a fair percentage increase that I should anticipate,

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