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Animal Feed Mill Feeder Installation

Animal Feed Mill Feeder Installation

Submitted by • April 29, 2019

Animal feed mill feeder installation
The feeder selection should be the same as the width of the pulverizer inlet to ensure uniform distribution of the material into the pulverizer. The feeder and the pulverizer should also be connected by soft connection. The soft connection installation is beneficial to the smooth operation of the feeder and is not affected by the vibration of the pulverizer, ensuring a good flow into the pulverizer. If the feeder is improperly selected and the discharge port is smaller or larger than the feed port of the pulverizer, the height installation distance between the feeder and the two flanges of the pulverizer should be increased, and the feeder should not be smashed. Machine, and then use the same width of the slide to correct the material to ensure that the material evenly enters the crusher.

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