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Dental Emergency Treatment Clinic In Dubai

A dental emergency can arise while on a vacation, at work or simply when it is least expected. You can reach out to us by calling us on +971-50-205-5450 as... Read More

Dental Implants In Dubai Dental Clinic

One of the very frequent concerns from our patients is the replacement of missing teeth. The most common cause of teeth loss is periodontitis, this is the loss of bone and... Read More

Root Canal Treatment Dental Clinic In Dubai

Root canal treatment or endodontic management is done when a tooth is in a compromised situation due to any injury 1. Physical injury Traumatic injury or excessive biting forceCracked tooth Fractured tooth 2. Mechanical... Read More

Clear Aligners/ Invisalign Dental Clinic

A clear aligner, clear alternative to braces. They are transparent- plastic form of braces used to adjust or straighten teeth. They are removable devices that allow you to eat, drink... Read More

Tooth Extraction Dental Clinic in Dubai

Extraction is the removal of the tooth from mouth or pulling of teeth from the bone.this procedure is done entirely under local anesthesia, so its painless for the comfort of... Read More

Teeth Whitening Dubai: Get Your Brighter Smile

Smile expresses the Confidence, Cosmetic Dentistry has gained a lot of popularity across the globe and Teeth whitening is one of the instant and effective procedure. and if you are... Read More

Dental Veneers In Dubai, Crossroads

Generally known as laminates, are customized thin layers of ceramic/resins bonded to the front surface of the teeth to instantly improve the smile. Dental veneers can be made chairside (direct... Read More

Dentists In Dubai, Crossroads Dental Clinic

Crossroads Dental Clinic receives positive feedback (Google’s 5 stars) and outstanding dental practice in the heart of Dubai near Deira City Centre & Sheikh Zayed Road. We are committed to... Read More