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Win Court Case With This Powerful Mantra

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When will Jaya Ekadashi fast be observed in February?

Ekadashi date is considered very important in Sanatan Dharma. Ekadashi date is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are two Ekadashi tithis in every month, out of which one falls in... Read More

What Should I Do If Marriage Is Not Happening

As per Vedic astrology, there are certain Kundali doshas that lead to marriage delays and those who are unaware of Kundali Doshas often suffer from rejections and unrequired delays. Therefore,... Read More

According to astrology, the month of February will be very special. In the beginning of February, many big planets are going to change their movements, due to which this month... Read More

Marriage Matching by Rashi and Nakshatra

Nakshatra matching is a branch of synastry that is relatively unfamiliar to laypeople. This method, handed down to us by the ancient astrologers, essentially compares the janma Nakshatra of the... Read More

Can astrology help in business

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Causes & Cures of Delay in Marriage | Late Marriage

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