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MRI scan in Delhi | MRI Scan Cost

MRI refers to Magnetic Resonance Imaging it is a test that uses powerful magnets, radio waves, and a computer to make detailed pictures inside your body. Your doctor can use... Read More

EEG test price in Delhi | EEG Test | EEG Test Lab Near me

EEG refers to the electroencephalogram test. It is a non-invasive test that records electrical patterns in your brain. This test is used to find the problems related to the electrical... Read More

Uroflow test Price | Uroflow test price in Delhi

Uroflow Study is also known as Urodynamic flow study as well as the uroflowmetry test. Uroflowmetry is a simple, diagnostic screening procedure used to calculate the flow rate of urine... Read More

Colour Doppler Ultrasound Test Price in Delhi

Colour Doppler is a duplex ultrasound to see how the blood moves through our arteries and veins. The test combines traditional ultrasound with Doppler ultrasonography. Regular Ultrasound uses sound waves... Read More

Cardia checkup Cost | Cardiac Checkup Price

Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd provides the cardiology tests service in Delhi. The various tests done are to understand and diagnose diseases, injuries or acquired abnormalities of the... Read More

Dexa Scan Cost in Delhi | Echo Test in Delhi

Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd offers lab tests at a low cost . we provide these lab tests like ECG, X-RAY, Cardiac Angiography, MRI, CT Scan etc .... Read More

Pulmonary Function Test in Delhi | PFT Test Near Me

PFT refers to Pulmonary Function Testing System for spirometery and diffusion abnormality assessment facility. Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd provides this test service on an advanced pulmonary function... Read More

Whole Abdomen Ultrasound Price List

Ultrasound refers to the high-frequency sound that you cannot hear but it can be emitted and detected by using the latest technology machines. It travels freely through fluid and soft... Read More

Whole Body PET-CT Scan Cost in Delhi

Pet Scan refers to the position emission tomography. This test is for people who fight from cancer disease . During this test, a small dosage of a radioactive tracer is... Read More

CT Scan Centre in Delhi | CT Scan Centre Near Me

CT Scan is also called a CAT Scan. CAT Scan refers to a computerized tomography scan. It typically combines multiple rotating x-rays along with hi-end computerized processing to produce a... Read More