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Tailor’s bunion is a bony prominence of the fifth metatarsal head, associated with overlying corn and bursitis. It is also known as Bunionette. There are many common causes for this... Read More

Every person who sees an occupational therapist and physical therapist/physiotherapist has always doubted ” What is the difference between OT and PT”. Both the therapies may seem similar to you... Read More

A tear of the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle/calf muscle is known as a “TENNIS LEG”. The gastrocnemius muscle has a medial and lateral head originating from femoral condyles.... Read More

Boutonniere deformity involves flexion of the PIP(proximal interphalangeal) joint and hyperextension of the DIP(distal interphalangeal) joint. “It is also known as Buttonhole deformity”. This deformity is due to the attenuation... Read More