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golden incense sticks exporter in India

We are the exclusive exporter of Vijayshree Golden incense sticks, established more than 70 years ago under the company name Megha Aromatics based in New Delhi. Megha Aromatics is a... Read More

Incense sticks exporter in India

Megha Aromatics is a leading Agarbatti (Incense Stick) manufacturer & supplier in India with over 50+ countries across the globe presence. Our premium flagship collection product range ‘Golden Nag Series’... Read More

Lemon essential oil uses and benefits

Lemon Essential Oil has a strong, fresh and traditional lemon scent that is energizing and stimulating. Lemon Essential Oil is an excellent choice to diffuse to cleanse any room of... Read More

Since the beginning of time Aromatherapy has been used to promote healing and increase physical, emotional, and mental health. Incense sticks, which contain significant amounts of fragrance oils, are an... Read More