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This article probably contains one of the most disturbing pieces of text you’ll ever read, as it will shatter certain images in your mind, which is necessary if you want... Read More

Three out of five of his firms excluding Accelerated TechnologiesHolding Corp have been expelled forillegal and unethical operations sofar. The number of firms he's founded because the last was expelled... Read More

Eric Kuvykin is a trustworthy name to many in the world of securities and trading. He is a respected broker known as the genius President of Accelerated Technologies Holding Corps,... Read More

Eric Kuvykin has been barred by FINRA from acting as a broker and fined heavily on many occasions by federal authorities. That is the clearest proof of his wrongdoings, and... Read More

A brokerage firm, also called a broker-dealer, is in the business of buying and selling securities – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and certain other investment products – on behalf of... Read More

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 2/26/2019 Sustaining Kirby Hill, LLC's objection to Amended Stipulation and Order Dismissing Chapter 11 Case and Granting Request to Convert the Debtor's Chapter 11... Read More

The defendants have moved the Court for an order that would (1) suppress all evidence obtained through an investigation conducted by the National Association of Securities Dealers ("NASD") alleging that... Read More

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Eric Kuvykin, better known as the ‘millionaire-making’ President of Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp, a broker-dealer firm, is nothing but a con man. There is no other introduction for or pretext... Read More

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