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Dr. Ashwini Gaurav has explained the concept of the ACL Reconstruction, its techniques, and risk associated with it. Dr. Ashwini Gaurav has a special interest in ACL reconstruction surgery and treatment. Also, He provide the best ACL Reconstruction in Patna.
Before the ACL reconstruction surgery/treatment you must know about ACL reconstruction

What is ACL Reconstruction?
The Term ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. ACL Reconstrcution is also known as ligament surgery. It is found in the center of your knee. This ligament gets damaged when twisted too much, especially during playing games such as cricket, football.
In an ACL reconstruction surgery, the damaged ligament is removed and is replaced with a ligament from another part of the knee. The surgery is performed through small incisions that are made around the patient’s knee joint. Looking for best Ligament surgery in Patna ?Dr. Ashwini Gaurav has performed many Ligament surgeries i.e. knee, hip, and other in his orthopedic working experience.