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Pyrethroids are organic chemical compounds with insecticidal characteristics that belong to the Pyrethrin group. Pyrethroid insecticides like Deltamethrin, Bifenthrin, and Fenvalerate are commonly used in residential applications.Pyrethroid insecticides are among... Read More

Aromatic isocyanates are commonly used to make flexible and rigid foam, elastomers, and protective coatings, among other things. In nature, these chemicals are highly reactive and poisonous. Because of their... Read More

The liquefaction process is the one that consumes the most energy during the natural gas life cycle. This is why there has been a surge in interest in the strategy... Read More

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Al Rama International Chemical Suppliers Company in Dubai, UAE. We are Specialized Chemicals Our Service Industrial Chemical, Cleaning Chemical, Oil field Chemical, Water treatment Chemical, Painting Chemical, Food Chemical, Mining... Read More

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We understand the importance of Sustainable development i.e meeting the needs of the future maintaining the balance between social, economic, and environmental objectives–or needs–when making decisions today. Polyester resin manufacturers,... Read More

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We are promoting composite material as the carbon footprint during the product life cycle of the composite material are way less than lots of alternative minerals. So its time to... Read More

Textile chemicals are highly specialised chemicals used in the production of textiles in a variety of processes such as pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing. Textiles benefit from the chemicals employed... Read More

The Confectionery Market is steadily expanding, with sales in emerging markets increasing. Confectionery items are usually heavy in calories and lacking in nutrition. With the rising incidence of lifestyle diseases... Read More