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A polymer is a big molecule made up of numerous repeating monomeric building blocks. There are two different kinds of Polymers: synthetic and natural. Natural polymers, like rubber, resins, and... Read More

The formulations of silicone elastomers, also known as silicone rubber or silicone-based polymers, include solids, open-cell foams, thermally conductive materials, closed-cell sponges, and electrically conductive materials. Silicone Elastomers can be... Read More

The design and construction, automotive, and electronics sectors all make extensive use of it. These fibres are used to create refractory bricks, reinforced plastics, geotextiles, tunnels, and fabrics that are... Read More

The triglyceride esters generated from animal and plant oil are known as Biolubricants. They are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. High oleic canola oil, castor oil, palm oil, sunflower seed oil,... Read More

A lot of Acetyls are utilized in the production of neurological medicines. This is due to the unique capacity of acetylated medicines to pass the selectively permeable blood-brain barrier, which... Read More

Demulsifier are useful in the oil and gas sector since they are often used to separate water from oil. Demulsifiers are chemicals that are active and are used in manufacturing... Read More

The sodium salt of the amino acid glutamic acid is monosodium glutamate (MSG). One of the most prevalent amino acids to be found in nature is glutamic acid, also known... Read More

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Rhodium Catalysts – Synthesis with catalysts PVT LTD

Synthesis with catalysts have wide range of Rhodium Catalysts. Synthesis with Catalysts is manufacturer and supplier of custom catalysts include precious metal catalysts ,Iridium catalysts. Visit our website for view... Read More