Cell Therapy Manufacturing Update: Merck Becomes the First to Introduce Acoustic Technology

With its acquisition of FloDesign Sonics earlier this month, Merck/MilliporeSigma has become the first company to introduce acoustic technology in cell therapy manufacturing. The acquisition of FloDesign Sonics is a strategic fit for Merck, strengthening its ability alongside to manufacture cell-based therapies for patients.

What is Acoustic Cell Processing: Acoustic cell processing is a disruptive technology that allows for the manipulation of cells with ultrasonic waves. FloDesign Sonics’ acoustic cell processing platform allows enhanced cell washing and concentration for manufacturing cell therapies. As per an interview with FloDesign Sonics’ CEO, the platform leverages a patented 3D acoustic wave to manipulate cells and particles in suspension. This gentle, non-invasive technology effectively suspends target cells within standing waves in a chamber while material continuously passes through the chamber.

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