Chart Your Course – Elevate Your Journey with the NDA Foundation Course for 10th

Doon Defence Career Point proudly presents a transformative opportunity for aspiring military leaders through its NDA Foundation Course for 10th graders. This specialized program is meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive preparation for the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam while catering specifically to the needs and academic level of students in the 10th grade.

The NDA Foundation Course for 10th graders at Doon Defence Career Point stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in the field of defense education. With a focus on academic rigor, character development, and holistic growth, this program equips students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to excel in their pursuit of a career in the armed forces.

Central to the ethos of this program is the recognition of the pivotal role that the 10th grade year plays in shaping a student's academic trajectory. The NDA Foundation Course for 10th graders is designed to seamlessly integrate with the ongoing academic curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for their future while simultaneously preparing for the challenges of the NDA entrance exam.