Craft spirits are handcrafted spirits produced with small distilleries with less distillation process. Various spirits such as whisky, rum, vodka, gin, and tequila are majorly consumed across the entire continent. The majority of the small distilleries have been focused on produced handcrafted gin due to their increasing demand in the bars and taste tours. Most craft distillation uses their local ingredients as most distilleries distribute their crafts in the local market. The United States majorly occupies the demand of the craft distillers. The total number of current working craft distillers in the USA is approximately 2,046 in 2019 from 1,835 in 2018. According to the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), the American craft spirit share's current volume share is approximately 5.6% of the total spirits market and has registered the highest growth rate in any liquor up-to 25% to 30%. The increased demands for local flavor spirits and growing consumption of handcrafted spirits have boosted the market's growth.

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