Cursive Letter Handwriting Workbook for Kids

Learning cursive handwriting just got a whole lot more fun! This 150 page Cursive Handwriting Workbook helps children develop and master their cursive handwriting in a fun and interactive manner. It helps to improve their handwriting and penmanship for school and for when they write letters and cards. The workbook has different handwriting practice sheets, with a different letter to practice each day.

➧ Get your kids to practice their handwriting with this fun and engaging workbook!
➧ Let your children experience the joy of old-fashioned handwriting.
➧ Encourage creativity and keep their minds sharp.
➧ Provides a delightful break from screens and allows for a more personal connection with one another.
➧ Helps children get a head start on knowing how to form letters in a readable, beautiful script.
➧ BONUS blank pages at the end of the book for more practice.

Product details:
-High quality paper
-Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
-Pages: 150
-Matte cover

If you would like to start your child on the path of good handwriting habits, this is a great place to start.

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