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Datacenter Decommission Checklist: Maxicom UAE

Datacenter Decommission Checklist: Maxicom UAE

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There’s no denying how useful checklists can be. No matter the task in question, it’s always useful to have a black and white list of everything you need to have checked and completed to make a process run smoothly. It’s certainly no different when it comes to decommissioning your data center. With so many factors to consider, a checklist will keep you on top of everything, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. This is especially important when data is involved, as it significantly minimizes the risk of you falling victim to a data breach. But what should be on this data center decommissioning checklist? Let’s take a look!

Assign Task Owners
Depending on the scale of your data center decommissioning process, it might not be feasible for one person to take control of the whole project. Of course, you’ll have a project manager to oversee everything, but it can be useful to assign individual owners to each task. You should assign these owners, along with outlining expectations and res

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