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Hub of Innovation: With over 20,000 tech companies based there, New Jersey boasts one of the country's most active innovation ecosystems.

Top-ranked Universities: New Jersey is home to several highly esteemed universities, including Stevens Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Rutgers University. The state is also home to a large pool of academic talent and proficiency in a variety of R&D disciplines.

Strategic Location: New Jersey is ideally located for research and development activities since it is close to large metropolitan areas like New York City and Philadelphia and has unmatched access to people, resources, and markets.

Government Support: To encourage research and development efforts, the state of New Jersey has put in place a number of programmes and incentives. These include tax breaks, grants, and collaborations with business partners.

Q- Why is New Jersey a desirable location for centres of research and development?

Ans – With its advantageous location, highly regarded colleges, supportive government policies, and a thriving ecosystem of technology firms, New Jersey provides an optimal setting for innovation and cooperation.

Q- Exist prospects for cooperation between New Jersey's research and development centres and other establishments?
Ans – Indeed, in order to promote scientific research and technological growth, a number of research and development centres in New Jersey actively work with educational institutions, governmental organisations, and business partners.