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Facial recognition algorithms

Facial recognition algorithms

Submitted by • November 26, 2020

Building a robust facial Recognition system that is free of bias (racial or gender), is not an easy task. Algorithms don't create bias. It comes from humans.
The last decade was full of new state-of-the-art algorithms and groundbreaking research in the field of Deep Learning. New Computer vision algorithms were introduced.

How do humans recognise a face?
Probably, the neurons in their brain first identify the face in the scene (from person body and background), extract the facial features and by those features classify the person. We have been trained on an infinitely large dataset and infinitely big neural network.
Facial Recognition in machines is implemented the same way. First, we apply a Facial detection algorithm to detect faces in the scene, then extract facial features from the detected faces and use an algorithm to classify the person.
The workflow of a Facial Recognition system is as follows:
Face detection

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