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Fish breeding feed pellet machinery feed mixers

Fish breeding feed pellet machinery feed mixers

Submitted by • April 25, 2019

Fish breeding feed pellet machinery feed mixers
This is dry type single screw animal feed pellet machine, also know as fish feed pellet mill, or feed extruder machine/ pelletizer equipment.
It is used for extruding various raw materials, (such as soybean meal, wheat flour, maize powder/ corn meal, cottonseeds meal, bone meal, etc), into high grade feed pellets. The final feed pellets can be aquatic feed pellets for fish, shrimp, crab, tilapia fish, catfish, and other aquatic animals. They can float on water surface for 12-24 hours ; Pet food pellets for cat, dog, rabbit, etc. Besides, it can also produce pet bird feed pellets. This pellet machine is an ideal agricultural farming equipment for fish farm holders or fish feed pellet production plant.

Working Principle
The raw material powder will be put into the feeding part, and pushed forward into the extruding chamber by screw. During the rotary working process and high temperature ripening process, the raw material become swe

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