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Food Additives Are Substance A …

Food Additives Are Substance A …

Submitted by • June 22, 2019

Food additives are substance added to food to enhance its taste, quality, appearance, and preserve the food from bacterial effects. Food additives are broadly categorized as acidulents, acidity regulator, antioxidants, antifoaming & foaming agents, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, color retention agents, stabilizer, and sweeteners. Growing demand for convenience and organic food in North America and Europe is expected to fuel growth of the market for food additives. Increasing awareness about foodborne diseases that can be kept at bay by effective use of additives and increasing health consciousness among the general populace in Europe and North America is expected to boost growth of the market. This is further augmented by increasing consumer inclination towards natural food ingredients such as natural flavoring agents, organic preservatives, natural coloring, and stevia-based sweeteners. Natural food additives segment is expected to dominate the market through 2025, according to the st

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