Global Healthcare Barcode Technology Market Industry Share, Revenue Expectation, And Forecast 2026

The Healthcare sector's emphasis to prevent medical errors is the major driving factor of the healthcare barcode technology market across the globe. Medical error can occur in any healthcare sector such as hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, medical offices, and pharmacies. Medical errors include surgical, diagnostic, medication, devices and equipment, systems failures, and infections. In recent times medical error has become the leading cause of death. Around 100, 000 people are losing their life due to medical errors in hospitals and clinics. This type of error mostly occurs due to poor communication, inadequate information flow, drug names that sound alike and medications that look alike, and medical abbreviations. To prevent all these errors many healthcare institutions are shifting towards barcode technology, which provides facilities to reduce medication errors by identifying and distinguishing drugs. Barcode technology is also used in patients’ wristbands, bio-samples, test tubes, order sheets, and many other objects to improve the process and patient safety. As result, the global healthcare barcode technology market is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period