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Health and Safety Training on Teesside

Health and Safety Training on Teesside

Submitted by • January 3, 2020

Health and Safety Training on Teesside – HWFW

A study by the Fire Protection Association, looking at the ten year period between 2000 and 2008, found that hot works caused a total of £70m worth of damage, including 164 individual fires that caused over £250,000 worth of damage each.

In response to these figures, the Hot Work Permit Scheme was introduced, to ensure that workers, and their supervisors, had the correct skills and understanding of the risks involved to safely conduct hot works and reduce the chances of causing a fire. This hot work permit has become widely accepted across the construction industry.

Hot work permit training, also known as the Hot Work Passport, is aimed at operatives who are conducting hot work, as well as managers, supervisors and site safety officers who are overseeing the work and who are responsible for the overall health and safety of the site.

While a permit is not strictly compulsory, many companies, and their insure

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