How to make mind sharp and intelligent

“How to make mind sharp and intelligent? If you want to keep your mind fast and fresh then these are the 16 useful tips to make your mind sharp intelligent and young. Everyone wants to learn fast and quickly. So these are the 16 tips to make the mind sharp and intelligent. The basic points are

Exercise on a daily basis
Follow a properly balanced diet
Sleep 7 hours daily
Continue to study on a daily basis
Make an effort to maintain excellent posture
Play a game of jigsaw and puzzles
Play a game of cards
Expand your lexicon
Let go and dance
Pick up a new skill
Teach someone else a new tale
Play or listen to music
Make use of all your senses
Have faith in yourself
Make your brains usage a top priority
Say what you want to know again

Exercise on a daily basis, following a properly balanced diet, and sleeping 7 hours daily are the basic and essential principles you should follow to make your mind sharp and intelligent

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