Plate Heat Exchanger and sanitary Pumps

Hello engineer, is there currently a heating cooling project and want to use a plate heat exchanger?, now you don't have to worry about the design, we will support you, you just need to send the specifications and we will calculate it, then what will you get after that , we will provide the datasheet of the plate heat exchanger, dimensional drawings, selection of the right material and of course a competitive price quote.
I almost forgot maybe some don't know what a plate heat exchanger is and how it works, a plate heat exchanger is a device consisting of a frame, plate, gasket and round bar tightening, this is one unit and the way it works is one side of us called the hot site product enters one side of the plate and the cold site enters from the other side so that heat is absorbed from the hot and cold media through the plate conductor system.
this is a simple explanation.
What brands do we offer? we have brand Sondex plate heat exchanger and Sonflow, because we are an official agent in Indonesia. Don't hesitate to contact us via our official website