Puerto Viejo to San José, Costa Rica – Best Bus Options

Traveling from the beach town of Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast to the capital city of San José? There are a few different bus and shuttle options available to make this journey. Whether you’re looking for the most budget-friendly route or the most comfortable and efficient transfer, this guide has you covered with the best ways to get from Puerto Viejo to San José.

1. Shared Shuttles

Shared shuttle services like MyPinkBus offer several advantages over other transportation modes when exploring Costa Rica by bus from Puerto Viejo to San José. First and foremost, shared shuttles provide a direct and efficient transfer between destinations, typically making limited stops along the way. This results in a much faster journey time compared to taking public buses, which can get bogged down making numerous stops. Shared shuttles also offer a more comfortable and reliable experience. MyPinkBus is your best option, by far, in this category. They have modern, air-conditioned shuttles with several other amenities to make your trip flawlessly enjoyable and comfortable. Booking a shared shuttle in advance also gives you the peace of mind of having your transportation secured, especially during peak travel seasons when public transit options may be more crowded or unreliable. And with per-person fares that are more affordable than private transfers, shared shuttles strike a great balance between cost and convenience for travelers in Costa Rica.