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A reservation made for a specific flight on a given date and time through an airline or travel agency is referred to as a reservation flight. In essence, you are reserving a spot on a flight when you make a reservation. This is how the procedure normally operates:
Choice: You choose your ideal flight by considering various aspects such as the airline, the time of departure and arrival, and the cost.
Booking: To finish the booking procedure, you provide your personal information and payment details after selecting your flight. You will now receive a booking confirmation with all the specifics of your reservation, including flight numbers, dates, and times.

Confirmation: The airline or travel company will send you a confirmation email or ticket as soon as the reservation is verified and payment is completed. Your booking reference number and other crucial flight information are sent to you together with the confirmation of your reservation.Remember that having a reservation does not guarantee that you will receive a ticket. Although a reservation guarantees you a spot on the aircraft, in order to fully secure your booking, you usually need to pay for the ticket. An itinerary or reservation may be enough to prove travel plans in some circumstances, such as when applying for a visa, in lieu of a paid ticket.
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