Samsung Galaxy watch 5:battery life, price ,feature leaked

Samsung has carved a path for itself as one of the market’s most capable and desirable smartwatches, and hints of the next entry in the Galaxy Watch series keep popping up. More of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 are starting to arrive, giving us a welcome first look at Samsung’s next line of premium smartwatches.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Watch5 before the end of the year. There are many rumors that the company also plans to refresh its smartwatch range.

How much is the battery life of the Galaxy Watch 5:
Most of the rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s hardware have highly focused on its battery life.

Let’s start with the good battery life is likely to be better this year.

According to a couple of leaks from April, the 40-millimeter Watch 5 will come in two different models.