Shopify Development: Your One-Stop Shop for Public Apps & APIs

I will be your Shopify developer: This signifies they can create solutions specifically for the Shopify platform.
Build Shopify public, private app: They can develop public apps available on the Shopify App Store or private apps for your own store's functionality.
Link API integration: They can connect your Shopify store with other applications using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to streamline data flow.
Shopify Development Services:

Shopify store development: This encompasses creating a new Shopify store from scratch, tailoring it to your brand and products.
Shopify ecommerce development: This refers to development specific to online stores, including features like shopping carts, secure checkout, and payment processing.
Shopify website development: While Shopify offers website building tools, this service focuses on customizing the website design and user experience within the Shopify platform.
Public app development: They can create apps that other Shopify merchants can install from the Shopify App Store, potentially expanding their reach.
Private app development: They can develop custom apps to address your store's specific needs and functionalities not available through public apps.
API integration: They can connect your Shopify store with other services using APIs, allowing data exchange for tasks like inventory management, marketing automation, or shipping.
Additional Considerations:

When choosing a Shopify developer, look for experience, portfolio examples, and positive client reviews.
Discuss your project requirements clearly to ensure the developer understands your goals.
Inquire about their development process, including communication timelines and project milestones.
By understanding these Shopify development services, you can make an informed decision about whether this freelancer or company aligns with your project needs.