The Power Of Love. All Things Love. What Is Love & What Can Love Do To Change The World?

Describing LOVE.

When we’re talking about love, we’re not talking about the character “Love” from the Netflix series “You”. Far from that. We’re talking about real-life love. It’s fall now. The season for “falling in love” as I would like to call it. In other words, described by generation 2k this time of the season is also known as “cuffing season”. Ah, the love language. Love makes us human. Love comes in so many different forms. Love makes people feel all kinds of emotions and feelings. It not only moves us to forgive, gives us peace of mind when shit hits the fan, keeps us sane but can also motivate us to care for one another. Love makes us feel all sorts of emotions. Love can spark change. Love is universal. There are so many different versions of love. Let’s dissect what is love.