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The Tombs Of Christ In The Holy Land

The Tombs Of Christ In The Holy Land

Submitted by • May 12, 2020

The more we learn about the Bible, the more we are certain that Jew going by the name Jesus Christ really existed. Historically, Christ is a well-established figure. His existence was documented by countless eyewitness and ancient historians even made mentions about the man, like Josephus. Other made non flattering remarks on Christ’s followers, as what Tacitus did. Tacitus uttered quite a negative tone on Christians in his Annals, which made the account genuine and not a Christian forgery. Then, there are people around him who was written in historical records, like Pontius Pilate.

Overall, dismissing Christ as the product of myth is now considered in par with conspiracy theories, like ancient aliens and stuffs. Serious scholars, regardless of belief and disbelief will agree that a historical Jesus was never an invention. His death by crucifixion further cemented his existence in the human history. He died, and Jesus changed the world as Christianity spreads. His burial is part of ea

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