What’s The Difference Between An Employee Vs. A Boss

Are you a motivated individual who has been reflecting about your life? Are you at that phase in life where you have envisioned a better life? A better version of yourself? Are you ready to take that step of becoming your own boss instead of answering to another individual? There are levels of elevation in life. Trust your process. Everything happens for a reason. Are you ready to know the secret of success? The answer: Your mindset.

Anyone and everyone has the power to change the outcome of their present and their future. A poor individual can become wealthy at any given moment. Just like a wealthy person can become poor. It all starts with how you perceive yourself. You are the one who sets the bars of limitation upon yourself. Regardless of whatever it is you do, there will always be two types of people. Those people are:

The ones who don’t believe in the vision. The doubters, the haters, the ones who told you that you cannot do it. Remember. Small minded people cannot comprehend larger than life spirits. You have to be willing to go 100% all in. Do things with passion, be direct but treat others fairly. Above all, always with respect. Those who doubt you do not understand your commitment to your craft, your will power, your drive, your ambition. These are traits that set you apart from others. Remember this, it’s the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can do it that end up doing it.
The ones who believed in you even when you did not believe yourself. Read that back again. You owe it to these people and to yourself to become the best version of yourself. To become a force of nature that thrives in what you do. We are all human. No one is perfect. You’re going to have a lot of wtf moments, a lot of long nights, make a lot of sacrifices but then in the end it’s worth it. The outcome. The journey.


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