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Whats new in AWS 2020 Version

Whats new in AWS 2020 Version

Submitted by • September 2, 2020

AWS has propelled over a thousand significant assistance refreshes in 2020 and propelled almost twelve new administrations. (Furthermore, it's just April.)

As administrations are declared, the group at Novelvista promptly evaluates new highlights and appreciates talks about them with our customers. Here are the top administrations that our AWS Certified Engineers are discussing from last quarter:

New: Amazon Detective
Amazon Detective is another help that utilizes the intensity of AI to distinguish the main driver of potential security issues. It consequently gathers log information from your AWS assets and constructs a model that permits you to lead quicker security examinations.

How is Amazon Detective unique about Amazon GuardDuty or Macie, which are additionally AI-fueled security administrations? t GuardDuty and Macie are both worked to recognize security issues, while amazon Detective permits you to see the specific situation and movement identified with the finding and drill

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