Which features of MBBS in Kazakhstan that makes it the most prominent choice of Indian medical stude

Following are the features of MBBS course in Kazakhstan that makes it the most prominent choice:
 The top medical universities of Kazakhstan are approved by the huge medical bodies like WHO, NMC, GMI, UNESCO and medical councils of many countries due to which the MBBS course in Kazakhstan is respected and reputed all over the world.
 Top Medical universities of Kazakhstan charge the genuine tuition fee from the students. also, students can get accommodation facility at affordable cost and all these things make the MBBS in Kazakhstan the affordable choice for the students
 Kazakhstan is one of those few countries in which the duration of MBBS course is 5 years which is similar to India.
 Students do not need to go through any language test like TOEFL or IELTS to get admission in top medical universities of Kazakhstan; also they do not conduct any entrance exams.
 Being a developed country, Kazakhstan provides the safe & secure environment to the people in the boundaries of the country.
 Medium of Language used by the universities is English for first four years, which is the great advantage for the Indian students as India is in second rank to where the mostly used language is English.
 MBBS in Kazakhstan provides the opportunity of learning a new language which is always beneficial for the career and skill as Kazakhstan provides this opportunity as in last year of MBBS course, local language is taught to international students.
 The accommodation facilities in Kazakhstan offer the separate accommodation for both genders, where as in other countries, the universities offer the same accommodation for boys and girls.
 The universities of the Kazakhstan has world class infrastructure and their laboratories are well equipped with modern techniques..
 : Students can also get the real experience their as they provide the opportunity to do experiments
 Study MBBS in Kazakhstan provide the opportunity to get the real world experience by inviting students in inter

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