Which is more important to stand in the marriage life

What is the real meaning of marriage?
Why marriage is important?
Reasons that lead for broken marriage.
The negative impacts of marriage discord.
Which is more important to stand in the marriage life.
Marriage is defined as the legal or social union of two persons, especially a man and a woman, as partners in a personal relationship. 'Marriage' is the another name for a relationship, where two persons acknowledge each other in mutual consent. This bond is a relationship of legal and social responsibility towards each other. It is usually an interpersonal relationships where primarily sexually recognized or approved, but marriage is more than a physical bond, forms of spiritual and emotional bonding.

Why marriage is important:
The relationship in the name of marriage is the beginning of the family and grow together in selflessness. A good marriage relationship gives a good friend, a life partner who will be with you forever. Through this bond one gets close to someone who loves unselfishly, trusts completely, accepts co-operatively and sincerely and supports everything.