Call it a common opinion or expectation, but it is usually assumed that scammers cannot stay unexposed for long, and at one time will be known publicly for the frauds that they are eventually. That is both true and not so true according to the scammer in discussion. Unfortunately there are some scammers in our midst that are camouflaged due to their experience and gift at cheating. Such scammers, Zoltan Nagy being the most ideal example- are yet to be caught and defamed. You may know him as CEO of the famed Lotus Bio Technology Development Corp, known on OTC markets as $LBTD but it is all a facade. Nagy is nothing but a cheating scumbag whose only purpose in life is to go around scamming people. His greed is unmatched and due to the privileges he enjoys as the CEO of a listed company, he gets to scam without anyone ever doubting or being able to stop him.