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The kitchen is the place where memories are most often made for the entire family. When the book was published in 2021, I had spent most of the prior... Read More

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ne Word, A Thousand Feelings is the story of an individual’s life journey. This book explores the myriad of feelings that make up human existence. From love to loss, happiness... Read More

This was one more book I downloaded and I was totally enthralled from page one. In this book, the writer, Barbara Davis, winds around a brilliant story of two ladies... Read More

A children’s book, JoJo’s Adventure by Joyce Nealy, portrays a character who will step out into the unknown for the first time. This book will also show your children how... Read More

As people realise that our planet is in trouble and that they must act, various groups have emerged to address environmental concerns. Now more than ever, individuals must prioritise the... Read More

FOLLOWING THE Longings OF THE NAFS The seventh of the diseases of the heart is to enjoy the hunger (shahwat) or wants or delights of the nafs. Grotesqueness of these sorts of activities... Read More

Book Review Blog is a platform that provides insightful and engaging book reviews for avid readers. Our goal is to help readers discover their next favorite book and provide a... Read More

Marathi stories are a rich and diverse form of storytelling originating in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Marathi stories are known for their imaginative and often moralistic themes, as well... Read More