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A novel written by an author from Saudi Arabia who got his Ph.D. from Stanford University and lived in the Bay area of San Francisco for six years. THE AMERICAN... Read More

Unique and attractive cover design. A4 Note book (case bound) - Single Line, 21 x 29.7 cm, 192 Pages (Pack of 3) High-quality FSC certified paper offering a smooth surface... Read More

There are ups and downs to working in the construction field. Projects begin and end. Sometimes the end of one project means looking for a new one. When my current employment unexpectedly... Read More

Richard is a producer-director-writer of film and video with a 40-year career in the media business. He’s written hundreds of produced film and video projects, ranging from historical, humanitarian, and... Read More

Moments: The Weekend Novel Book

Moments: The Weekend Novel book is a masterpiece that delves when one pivotal weekend brings real-world consequences to Brenda and her casual lifestyle, Sunday brunch with her sisters and momma... Read More

5G Technology Training focuses towards equipping the works and everyone with knowledge about 5G network and how does it work. This can help them with customers and solving their issues... Read More

This is a story that just has to be written. It’s about someone who lives such an outstanding and selfless life but keeps a very low profile making me feel... Read More

In the heart of an ancient town, shrouded in mist and mystery, lies a place where shadows whisper untold secrets and spirits of the past linger in the corners. "The... Read More

Explore the complexities of Nairobi's urban environment through a fascinating analysis that supports the adoption of a fairer spatial-planning framework. The tale exposes the detrimental environmental effects of over dependence... Read More

Explore a fascinating article that promotes the idea that an information and communications technology-enabled city is one in which people's daily lives are harmoniously integrated with technology. Discover the dramatic... Read More