Author: Aftabahmed

Baroque pearls, with their sporadic shapes and entrancing brilliance, radiate a charming charm. Dissimilar to completely adjust pearls, every baroque pearl stone is a demonstration of nature's innovativeness, flaunting remarkable... Read More

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The No Heat White Sapphires are gemstones that have not been subjected to artificial heating techniques; they are sometimes referred to as natural or untreated sapphires. The original state in... Read More

Cat's eye gemstones, also known as Ketu Stones (lehsuniya in Hindi), are known for their unusual optical color-changing phenomena known as chatoyancy. They are available in a variety of hues,... Read More

In India (Hindi), Moonstone is also Known as Chandrakant and Chandramani stone, and it is well-known for its seductive qualities. Moonstone is a fascinating gemstone belonging to the feldspar mineral... Read More

The Gurupriya Stone, steeped in legend, is said to possess extraordinary powers. According to folklore, it was a gift from a celestial being to a revered guru, imbued with the... Read More